For Graphic Design Clients


What is your graphic design story? 

I've been a creative person ever since I could pick up a pencil. I love all artforms and discovered graphic design in 2008, creating marketing collateral for dance studios and independent artists. Since then, I've opened up my own freelance business (Teresita Santos Creative Studio) and have worked for a variety of clients, ranging from big corporations and grocery stores to nonprofits and independent artists. 

What clients have you worked with? 

Some notable clients include Cheryl Burke Dance, Microsoft Research, 3x Grammy-nominated band Tiempo Libre, renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine, LA dance company Invertigo Dance Theatre, specialty grocery chain Mollie Stone's Markets, and more! 

Did you go to school for graphic design? 

Yes. I have a Bachelor of Arts (with high honors) in Graphic Design from the University of Hertfordshire.

What's the design process like? 

After your initial email, we can set up a time to talk on the phone or Skype to discuss your design project in further detail. To officially book me as your designer for your project, all that is needed is a signed contract and 50% nonrefundable deposit. 

I can't meet in person. Can I sign the contract online? 

Of course! Contracts are available to be signed electronically. I send all my contracts out to your email through HelloSign.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Cash, cashier's check, money order, bank transfer, or PayPal (preferred).  PayPal accepts credit and debit card payments. Please note that cashier's checks and money orders must be clears before any project can begin and when any final files can be sent. 

Why isn't my deposit refundable? 

By paying a deposit, you are booking me for my time to work on your project. If you cancel, then I end up losing money and the time period that you booked me with could've gone to another client. The only time a deposit will be refunded is if I am unable to provide graphic design services (i.e. equipment failure, emergency...anything from my end that would affect your project). 

What's your cancellation policy? 

For whatever reason, if you would like to cancel your design project, please contact me via email. Please keep in mind that your deposit is nonrefundable and any work completed thus far is subjected to my hourly rate and due at the time of cancellation. Please see the contract for more details. 

Do you offer printing services? 

At this time, I do not offer any printing services for graphic design but will happily provide you with a list of online services you can use. Scroll down to the sections below for more information on printing services. 

Will I be charged for stock photos or fonts I want for my design project? 

That depends. Stock photos are limited depending on the package you get. Please email me for more information. 

Can you take photos for my design project? 

Yes! Please contact me about pricing and how we can add custom photography to your design package.   

What software do you use?  

I use Adobe for all of my graphic design work. It's a standard for the industry. Most of the time, I will be using Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign for graphic design work.

Can I also get the source files at the completion of the design project? 

At this time, I do not give source files to clients along with final artwork.Source files, for example, include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other program files of that nature. Pricing for graphic design services are for the final artwork files only. 

Why is graphic design so expensive? 

Graphic design, like many art forms, is a long creative process. The whole process takes hours of research, brainstorming, developing, and refining. Graphic design makes your brand more memorable to your audience, markets to your audience. Its an investment that will help your brand grow and succeed. Think about it this way...companies like Nike or Apple didn't use a $5 logo service ;)

I'm on a budget. Do you offer any discounts? 

I understand that my packages don’t fit everyone’s budget. If you have a set budget, I can customize a package to better fit that budget. Currently, discounts are only offered to charitable nonprofits, those employed by charitable nonprofits, and those who have served and are serving in the military. However, if you are a current client and refer me to a new client, you get a $25 discount for your next project once your referral books their project. 

How does the referral discount work? 

You must be a current client to redeem this offer. If you refer new clients to me, you get a $25 credit for your next design, photography, or marketing project once that new client books their project with me. The new client must tell me you referred them in order to get that credit for your next project and they must also book a project. 

How will I receive my final files? 

All final files will be sent securely through a DropBox or WeTransfer link to the email address you provided. They will be available for 45 days after they are sent after which, the link and files will expire. Because of storage fees, after 45 days, you must repurchase the files for $15 per file. 

Hmmm...I still have a question that wasn't covered here... 

No problem! Please contact me via email if you have any additional questions. 

Final Files

How will I receive my final files? 

All final files will be sent securely through a DropBox or WeTransfer link to the email address you provided. They will be available for 45 days after they are sent after which, the link and files will expire. Because of storage fees, after 45 days, you must repurchase the files for $15 per file. 

Who owns copyright? 

As the graphic designer, I retain copyright of all designs created for clients. Mostly, this means you cannot sell my designs to other companies. Rest assured that your final design is designed for you and will not be repeated for another client whatsoever. Please refer to the contract for more details.  

Are printing and digital posting rights included with my package? 

Yes, print releases and digital posting rights are included in every package. 

Will the design(s) you create for me be posted to your portfolio? 

By default, by signing the contract, you are agreeing to have the design(s) I create for you to be used for any marketing purpose for the Teresita Santos Creative Studio - this includes posting to my portfolio, social media, advertising, etc. If you do not want your design to be used as part of my marketing, please add an additional 20% (of your package cost) to your total package cost 

Printing Resources

Here is a list of suggested print labs and companies that can help with your photo printing needs:

  • | Online | Stationery, Stickers, Flyers, & more!
  • Artifact Uprising | Online | Photo prints, framed prints, albums, gifts, & more!
  • Vista Print | Online | Stationery, Marketing Collateral
  • Richard Photo Lab | Valencia, CA // Online | High quality photo prints
  • Shutterfly | Online // Local Pick-Up Available | Everyday photo prints & gifts!

Pricing & Packages

Please go to my About page to contact me about pricing and packages.